Showroom of fireplaces for CHESNEY’S in China.
I decorated the show-room for English brand CHESNEY’S in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Chesneys is the UK’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and stoves. www.chesneys.co.uk
The task was to decorate 18 fireplaces of different styles and two different halls with furniture within 4 days. During these 4 days it was necessary to come up with an idea, then find all this decor available in stocks, immediately buy and install it in the showroom. To do showroom ready for a festive opening. In the end, it turned out beautifully, the customer is very happy.
I ordered this painting (in the Chinese village of artists), based on a painting of Robert Burns «Two Vessels» 1959. But I changed the color and sizes slightly, keeping the proportions. And placed the picture in a thin black frame.   https://www.1stdibs.com/art/paintings/figurative-paintings/robert-burns-two-vessels/id-a_1087213/
I chose the coffee table and seating with legs of black metal, a texture, and appearance of this metal I associate with firewood, with burnt black branches. The table and seating I purchased from Global Views
Over this fireplace, I hung a few small bas-reliefs (crafts) The bas-reliefs depict motifs with figures of people similar to the figures of people on the fireplace itself.
White décor lying on the table, a texture of it is close to the texture of plaster bas-reliefs above the fireplace. I did it for textures "support". 
This wonderful décor I also purchased from Global Views STUDIO A
 The fireplace standing in front of another fireplace I did not to clutter up, and did not put a «heavy» décor, I just put a mirror on it in an unobtrusive frame. The mirror reflected the décor (bas-relief) above the fireplace opposite, thereby creating symmetry between these white fireplaces.  And I put on this fireplace a white flower in a transparent vase. Flower's name is Hydrángea.  I like the shape of these flowers - they are always neatly round. Also, this flower was placed here in support of the drawing on the face of the fireplace.
Mirror with bubbles and vase purchased in Global Views. www.studioa-home.com/product_groups/2815?gift_guide=false
The shape of vase handles I selected to fit the shape of fire basket. And when the handles of the vase are reflected in the mirror they are very similar with the fire basket.
I chose up a painting with "angular" simple and clear figures, like the fireplace itself, over which it hangs. The picture is bright and contrasting. To enhance the contrast, I put a black angular décor near the brightest spot in the picture. This black décor is also found in Global Views. www.globalviews.com/product_groups/1543?category_id=64

On this fireplace, there are columns of an Ionic order. Volute of chapiter on this fireplace reminded me of the octopus sucker. I picked up the appropriate décor on the wall in the form of suction cups. I found this décor in Global Views STUDIO A studioa-home.com/product_groups/3103?category_id=122
Also, the mirror with bubbles reflects a bright blue picture opposite, creating a color symmetry. 
Or, from another angle, it reflects the entire showroom,- setting "a depth".
The painting was ordered in the same Chinese village of artists by my sketches. 
Décor «solar man» from Global Views STUDIO A www.studioa-home.com/product_groups/3098?category_id=114
Graphics of the picture was selected similarly to the pattern on the face of the fireplace.
The color of picture's frame and size of the frame, I picked up close to a stone frame on fireplace itself. To emphasize the beauty of the decorative stone element on the fireplace. 
Modern Decorative Sculpture from STUDIO A studioa-home.com/product_groups/5340?category_id=114
Despite the fact that the sculpture is modern, it is "graphical" and it looks good with the graphics of the picture - it creates the volume of the image - as if going out of the picture.
Also, the tips of the sculpture on top of is orange color same as the picture's frame and a decorative stone frame on the fireplace.
Here I show the sketch part of this project. Sketches-collage I did in a few hours in Photoshop to show the main idea to the customer. And then with a representative of the client, I went shopping and found a suitable decor in stocks and immediately purchased. Of course, I did not find all that I wanted, but as much as possible pick up the appropriate options. 
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