My name is Irene Samoylova.  I am an accomplished and award-winning interior designer and decorator.  I have experience designing interiors in a variety of different styles and I am very adept at transitioning from one style to another.  I like to mix furniture of different styles, combining them in harmony. Particularly pleasure to create special furniture for these interiors to make each interior unique.
I have experience in creating and manufacturing furniture and interior decor items and have had the opportunity to work in China. I studied the Chinese furniture market independently and participated in all furniture exhibitions in China.  I am acquainted with many of the suppliers and have collected a huge database of over 500 suppliers, among which I carefully selected the top 10, with whom I still work with. 
I have been awarded several international design awards such as the James Dyson award, and the Jump the Gap international design contest organized by Roca with BCD, where my design project was chosen from 3004 candidates from 92 countries.
I desire to continue to build and progress my design career.  I am currently looking for new opportunities to show my creative and professional talent at the world level.
Thank you!
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