winner of scholarships 2011/2012 Master of Interior Design, IED Milano 
A new life of the old tower
Water Tower stands at the heart of our city. It is beautiful and tall, but inside it has much garbage and debris… You can see such towers in every city . There are more than 10 towers in our city. Some of them have been existed  since 1771. Each tower has a unique shape up to 21 m high ( there is magnificent panoramic view from the top floor ) with the diameter around to 8m . It is time to give them a second life! For example the tower can become an architect’s creative home and an office ( fact of the location of the office in the tower will be good advertisement a company ) . I propose to reconstruct  towers, without spooling their appearance and facade. There can be used new materials - to make a contrast of an old and a new. I would like to live in such a house!
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